Over the past two decades, The Green-Wood Historic Fund has developed a unique collection of artworks and artifacts pertaining to the rich history of The Green-Wood Cemetery and of those who have chosen it as their final resting place. This highly specialized collection is available for research.

The Art Collection: Over 400 paintings, drawings, prints, and sculptures created by or relating to individuals interred at The Green-Wood Cemetery. Green-Wood is home to such notable artists as George Catlin, William Merritt Chase, and Samuel F.B. Morse. The Fine Arts Collection currently features artworks by over 150 artists interred at Green-Wood, with over 450 artists in total identified as permanent residents.

The Historical Collection: Over 9,000 artifacts of cultural and historical interest relating Green-Wood residents, including photographic materials, personal correspondence, advertisements, manufactured items, and personal belongings. Such notable figures as Henry Ward Beecher, William “Boss” Tweed, and the Steinway family are represented in the collection. Also included is documentation of the early history of Green-Wood, including publications, commercial photography, and visitor maps.

The Library Collection: Over 1,000 published volumes relevant to the significance of The Green-Wood Cemetery and its permanent residents. The Library contains first editions of works written by Green-Wood residents, including a series of volumes by Green-Wood’s first Historian, Nehemiah Cleaveland.

You can explore the holdings of The Green-Wood Historic Fund Collections online:

The mission of the collections of The Green-Wood Historic Fund and the archives of The Green-Wood Cemetery is to advance public knowledge and appreciation of Green-Wood. Collected materials function as visual resources for illuminating the rich history of the Cemetery and its permanent residents, and support the larger mission of The Green-Wood Historic Fund by fostering and enriching exhibitions, educational activities, scholarly research, and public programming.

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